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TOP 4 Best Reputable Online Loan companies.

We have gathered for you some of the best online installment loan companies with great reputation amongst their clients for 2018
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PersonalLoans SP: 89
CALoans SP: 83
BadCreditLoans SP: 87
TheLoanexchange SP: 88

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More information about the process and Online Personal Installment Loans Application :
No Fee Personal Loans


For poor credit history

Online personal installment loans are more and more affordable nowadays than ever. You can apply even if you have a bad credit history. Thousands of platforms offer their customers loans with flexible requirements. Taking an installment loan you will borrow a lump sum and then pay it back for a fixed period of time in intervals and fixed interest rate.

Your installments will be formed by the loan principal and the interest. Often you will meet “installment loan” terms called personal loan and they can be used for any purpose that the client decides. Online personal installment loans can be taken by direct installment loan lender or an installment loan company. In this case you can apply for loan at Loan Application Calculator :

May be you have even heard people saying that installment loans are mostly for borrowers with bad credit because their marketing strategies and target groups. And if you think about, it totally makes sense at one side. Having a bad credit history is not a crime but it`s certainly something that makes you “a risky” borrower. If you have a bad credit history its much more probable to be given an installment loan, than any other. Installment loan hides fewer risks for the lenders because of the short term payment scheme and the different rates of interest.

No Fee Instant Applications

Another trusted lender for Poor Credit Loans where you can apply for free instantly:

Here you can ask from 500$ to 5000$. The advantage is that the choice of the loan type is very broad: Student Loans,Mortgages;Auto,Home,Business and Personal Loans.

online installment loans for poor credit history<

That on the other hand gives hope with folks with bad credit history that they can still take a loan, even on that conditions if they need the money urgently. Some unscrupulous lenders hide some of the deal details up to the moment of signing it. So every money borrower should be very very careful when reading the contract details! After the deal is closed, they soon find the hard way that APRs on the installment loans can still be very very expensive.

Marketing tactics of installment loans companies are developed by strong and sometimes unscrupulous marketers. For examples they encourage the borrower to take a new loan every few months for a regular income or; if they can`t pay it, they give them a new credit with higher interest. Which at the end lead to a customer with a bad credit history and the credit history circle gets on going.

Personal and Business loans for high amount

If you need personal or business loan up to 250 000 $ your best and secure way is to check the favorable options for Personal and Small Business Loans.
The options for the business loans are:
-Prime Business Loans
-SBA Loans
-Working Capital
You can get very fast approval and the money can be wired to your account in few hours.


For Personal Loans up to 100 000 $ with lowest prime rates is possible to submit application or check the conditions below.


Secured and Unsecured credits

There are two types of loans and that is a secured and unsecured loan. The difference is that if you apply for the secured one, you have to use as a guarantee expensive object that you have- a house or a car for example, depending on the sum you are applying for. If you can`t pay that loan, the lender will take that object as a compensation. You will have to sign a very strong contract collateral for that and really be sure in your capabilities. Also, have in mind that for the secured loan, the amount of money the lender has to give is usually much much higher, therefore you as a borrower will have to pay it longer time- possibly years!

You have to ask yourself this question: “Can I afford to pay 5 or 10 years that monthly amount of money? Am I secured enough financially?” Lot`s of people use their homes and possessive due to secured loan, so have that in mind if you apply for such. The lender company will usually check your credit status and if you are with bad credits history they can either decline or obtain a lower interest rate.

unsecured personal installment loans

The unsecured loan on the other hand does not require collateral but if you fail to pay in time, you will still gain bad credit. Psychologically speaking, it`s actually the riskier type of loan for the lender because they don`t have much choice if you fail to pay. In unsecure personal installment loans, the rate is higher and the credit period is shorter- this covers some of the risks the lender company takes giving that type of loan.

Whichever type of personal installment loan you choose, you need to remember to make an informed and responsible decision.


How to avoid unscrupulous loan lenders

Let`s start with this-lending money online can sometimes lead you exactly to those sharks. Why? Lending money online gives you the confidence that “it`s not that serious” and money can be returned with some avoiding of the deadlines or the conditions overall. The truth is most cases the online money lending can be even more riskier than a real office meeting with the lender. First, you never know who actually is standing behind the phone conversation or the chat box. Your next call can be someone totally different with not so good deal offer.

avoid unscrupulous installment loan lenders

Another thing could be that internet gives a huge field for all kind of phony companies and fraud lenders with hidden contract conditions. You need to be extremely careful and read reviews about the company, and do your homework research well before taking any money and signing papers. When you enter “installment loan” in google you will notice yourself the most lenders offers short-term and low- money lending, who are casting their loans as safe and more responsible twin of a payday loan. Unsurprisingly, it`s pretty much the same though.


Direct lender loans tips

Lending money from a direct lender can serve very well for people with poor credit history because their company rules are not obliged with any financial affiliate or institution. You can get much faster approved for a credit because the procedure is pretty much straight forward. With that being said, you still should be very careful if you decide to apply for a direct lender personal installment loan. Take a look at some of our loan tips below.

Installment vs personal loan

  1. Type in Google Search “Personal Loan”, not “Installment Loan”. We cleared it out that both are the same but the loan sharks are using mostly the second. Be flexible and don`t ever fall for the first offer.
  2. Avoid add-ons. If the lender offers you different types of add-on credit insurances, like life-insurance, family insurance, car insurance and so on-simply decline. These add-on policies were actually never made for you- they are solely protecting the money lender to be able to get his money back if something happens with you for example- death case. Then he will be able to take it from your family or valuable family possessions.
  3. If you feel any sign of pressure- that`s not a good sign! Never sign in a rush any contracts and wait the longest possible period to have time to research the lender/company. If they are in hurry to close the loan deal, then the money are “stinky” and you should definitely go search else.
  4. Loan renewal offers. That’s the real cash whale for fraudsters! If you don`t know that already- the more dependent you become from their money, the more they earn! Try renewing your loan as rare as possible and put it first place in your monthly budget.
  5. Always compare fees. Most direct money lenders charge an origination fees for installment loan and the average cots of that is between 1% to 5%. The stated APR for your loan usually got that covered, but you should double check that before signing it.
  6. Borrow the shortest term plan possible. You will thank us for that later on. This will help you pay the less money possible. And the least interest. You can get some additional help with this Loan Calculator

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